House Rules

Allowed Races:
Mul (Half dwarf)
Thri-Kreen (Only 1 allowed in party)

Allowed Backgrounds:
Athasian Minstrel
Dune Trader
Elemental Priest
Primal Guardian
Wasteland Nomad

These limitations are in place because of the circumstances of the PC’s at the start of the campaign.

No divine classes, no exceptions. The gods are absent from Athas.

Arcane classes are allowed, but beware: magic users are mistrusted and often hated on Athas, defilers and preservers alike.

Weapons break on a natural 1 unless they are metal or heavily enchanted (+3 or better).

Wild Talents: Roll a d6. On a 6 or higher, roll another d6.
1: Thought Projection
2: Telekinetic Grasp
3: Psionic Image
4: Object Projection
5: Body Equilibrium
6: Sensing Eye

The result is your wild talent. Check Dark Sun campaign guide for info.

House Rules

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