The Fellows depart from Aden Maarham’s house within Raam and head for the local tavern. After a few drinks, they are approached by an alarmed Brella She says that the Fellows need to rush to a Maarham manor north of Raam to foil an Urdon-Mor plot to kidnap members of the Maarham family. Apparently Markus sold out the Maarhams before he was killed.

Rushing to the manor, the Fellows find men engaged in combat with dwarves and thri-kreen outside the manor. Believing that the life of the noble Maarham to be more important, they left the outnumbered guards to fend off the attack and headed straight for the house on the hill. Upon entering, the found several dwarves, one with psionic power, and a table-wielding ogre. They saw elves dragging several humans out the back door as combat began.

Partly through the Surly scuffle, two thri-kreen entered behind the Fellows, apparently finished with the guards outside. The battle was tough, but after Tylus struck and felled the ogre with a powerful blast, the Urdon-Mor quickly fell apart.

On the body of the fallen psionic dwarf, Ashgar found a flask that emnated magic and quickly took a swig. He quickly realized that he could now speak and understand Dwarven.

After a quick search of the building, the Fellows rushed after the elves, Scyther followed tracks left by some sort of wagon. The tracks were hard to follow and the party had to struggle to keep up with the elves, but soon spotted a group of elves with a wagon near a cliff-side. The Fellows try to assess the situation from afar, but the intense heat makes it difficult. They see that they’ve been spotted by the elves, who are now preparing for combat. Coming closer, the Fellows see several figures in the wagon, shackled and trapped in a large wooden cage. They see a woman dressed in expensive clothing, as well as several servants. One dwarf sits, apparently crying, in the corner. He looks familiar.

Ambushes and Assassinations

The party, having slain the beast of the vault, returned to Raven’s Reach. Gregory, the man who survived the attack by the beast, had passed away in madness. Buck gave the group supplies for their return trip to Raam.

Upon returning, the group is ambushed by Urdon-Mor dwarves and several members of the marauders, the gang that first ambushed the party when they entered the city. The Surly Fellows dispatched both groups and showed mercy for the two surviving dwarves who said that they would do any work that the Fellows required. One member of the Marauders escaped.

Upon returning to Markus, the Fellows found him being attacked by a shadowy figure that turned out to be Brella. She explained that Markus was a traitor to the Maarhams and she was there to kill him with direct orders from a Maarham noble. The party allowed her to kill Markus even though he pledged to pay the party and tell Tylus of the whereabouts of his mother.

Brella escorted the fellows to the house of Aden Maarham who agreed to officially employ the Fellows. The party will keep their name, but will be officially associated with the noble house. He intends to use them for covert operations and delicate jobs that his armies are not suited for. He gave the party 1000 bits to supply themselves and to compensate for their trouble thus far.

The Vault

The Surly Fellows followed Buck’s directions and found the Vault of the ancient king. Upon entering a deep hole in the ground, they came upon a dark mist. Each of the characters had a vision that threatened to kill them and keep them in an eternal slumber, but each was able to pull themselves out of it. The party was then attacked by several ghostly figures but fought back and banished them all. Ashgar determined that the reflecting pool in one of the chambers had restorative powers and advised the party to take advantage of them. In the ancient king’s crypt, a powerful beast waited for the party and leaped to attack Tylus as he neared the sarcophagus. It was a tough battle, but the Fellows managed to slay the beast, Golem crushing the beast’s head.

A statue of the ancient king animated and spoke to the party. He told the Fellows that he would grant each of them a soul of one of his greatest heroes. Ashgar recieved an orb with billowing black smoke which contains the soul of Roniums the Dark, an ancient defiler. Scyther recieved a metal chain necklace which holds a crystal tooth with a black center. The necklace contains the soul of Brag’Nal a vicious dwarf with undying loyalty for his king. Tylus received a metal crown with a bright blue gem. The crown contains the soul of Severna, the ancient king’s most devoted priestess.

The Surly Fellows

The party dispatched several Urdon-Mor, sparing the life of only one, a peculiar dwarf named Terry. One of the dwarves, an apparent leader, had a magical cap that allowed him to grow in size. The party recovered this item to use for themselves. They found Riley locked in a chest in the next room. After identifying him, Tilus killed the half-elf without further questioning. The body was taken to Markus and the party was paid 200 bits for the job. The party decided to use the name “The Surly Fellows” and left markings behind at the Urdon-Mor house to identify them.

Ashgar visited Brella at the Mirage. After some discussion, she disclosed her occupation as an assassin for the Maarhams. Despite putting a knife to Ashgar’s throat, the two parted on good terms, though Ashgar never told her that he and the rest of the party are also working for the Maarhams.

Scyther was alerted by the sound of scratching on the inn window at night, but found nothing. Tilus awoke in a cold sweat, remembering nothing.

The Surly Fellows were tasked with travelling to Raven’s Reach to investigate an attack by a strange monster. They arrived and were greeted by the outpost’s captain’s wife, Ilina. She directed them to a survivor of the attack, Gregory. He was seriously injured and appeared crazed. The party got little information from him but soon discovered a metal coin in the wilderness that led them to a man named Buck, an elderly cook for the outpost. He fed them and told them of a legend of a vault nearby that belonged to an ancient king. He also said that he told four men about this vault several days past. Two of those men are now dead and the third is Gregory. The fourth was Bob, who could be found at the outpost’s recreational center/bar.

Bob told the Fellows that he thought he had found the vault and that a large, scaly creature attacked him and the three men with him. He is now deeply haunted by the experience. Many of the people in area seem to be affected in some way by a gloomy aura.

The Fellows prepared to head out for the cave that may hold a king’s treasure… and a horrible beast.

Chasing Riley

The group went to the bar where Riley was last sighted and found him talking to a dwarf. Everyone sat to have a drink and argued over how to handle the situation and Riley left the bar soon after. Tilus followed Riley and had to chase him through the streets, tracking him to a building full of Urdon-Mor. The group took the direct approach, dispatching of the door guard and entering from the front and rear of the building.

Getting to Raam

The party left Draj and set out for Raam. The journey took a week through harsh terrain with little food and water, but the party arrived with a small amount of gold, food and water left to spare. A group of men wearing black cloth around their ankles demanded money from the party. Several of these men were killed, others ran. Once in Raam, the party got a room at an inn.

The next morning, the party went to visit their contact, Markus, at the Muddy Hog. He offered to employ the party to pose as a gang in Raam and carry out orders from the Maarhams. The party accepted and took their first job.

The party was asked to visit a shopkeeper named Wilhelm and force him to uphold his trade agreement with the Maarhams. The party realized that Wilhelm was doing trade with other clans, but was still loyal to house Maarham. They convinced Markus to let Wilhelm continue trading with the other houses, as it was beneficial to their cause. The party was paid for the job and Markus seemed pleased, particularly with Ashgar’s wisdom.

The party took a second job to silence a half-elf named Riley that knows something about a gambling ring affiliated with House Maarham. Riley was last seen at The Gassy Kank, a tavern frequented by mercenaries loyal to Urdon-Mor.

While still at the Muddy Hog, the party asked about Dalbo’s wife and daughter. Markus told the party where they could find “Bangin’ Brella”. Markus also agreed to share any information that he found about Tilus’s family.

Surviving the Arena

The party fought in their first event and survived. They were reunited with Islander John, whom the party saved by sacrificing Sal, one of their cellmates. Their other cellmate, Grem, was upset about this and nearly attempted suicide, but the party prevented this.

Ashgar and Tylus summoned powerful companions, a construct and a storm elemental.

The party survived their second event by completing an obstacle course and fighting off waves of dog-like reptiles and silt-runners.

Dalbo contacted a noble house of Raam and arranged for the party to fight an experienced Dwarven gladiator. In exchange, he asked to party to look after his wife and daughter, Marla and Brella in Raam.

The party slayed the Dwarven Gladiator and Golem consumed him, humiliating the Dwarven noble house, Urdon-Mor.

First Session

The party began the campaign on the island of Liberty. The island was raided by elves and the party was captured. Tylus accidentally killed his own sister by defiling, which disgusted his mother. The party was sold in Draj after the elf tribe was attacked by an enormous monster. The party fought their cellmates for food and Viscer gained some respect. They met a dwarf named Dalbo in the Draj arena who trained the characters and helped them develop their fighting skills.


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