The Vault

The Surly Fellows followed Buck’s directions and found the Vault of the ancient king. Upon entering a deep hole in the ground, they came upon a dark mist. Each of the characters had a vision that threatened to kill them and keep them in an eternal slumber, but each was able to pull themselves out of it. The party was then attacked by several ghostly figures but fought back and banished them all. Ashgar determined that the reflecting pool in one of the chambers had restorative powers and advised the party to take advantage of them. In the ancient king’s crypt, a powerful beast waited for the party and leaped to attack Tylus as he neared the sarcophagus. It was a tough battle, but the Fellows managed to slay the beast, Golem crushing the beast’s head.

A statue of the ancient king animated and spoke to the party. He told the Fellows that he would grant each of them a soul of one of his greatest heroes. Ashgar recieved an orb with billowing black smoke which contains the soul of Roniums the Dark, an ancient defiler. Scyther recieved a metal chain necklace which holds a crystal tooth with a black center. The necklace contains the soul of Brag’Nal a vicious dwarf with undying loyalty for his king. Tylus received a metal crown with a bright blue gem. The crown contains the soul of Severna, the ancient king’s most devoted priestess.



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