The Surly Fellows

The party dispatched several Urdon-Mor, sparing the life of only one, a peculiar dwarf named Terry. One of the dwarves, an apparent leader, had a magical cap that allowed him to grow in size. The party recovered this item to use for themselves. They found Riley locked in a chest in the next room. After identifying him, Tilus killed the half-elf without further questioning. The body was taken to Markus and the party was paid 200 bits for the job. The party decided to use the name “The Surly Fellows” and left markings behind at the Urdon-Mor house to identify them.

Ashgar visited Brella at the Mirage. After some discussion, she disclosed her occupation as an assassin for the Maarhams. Despite putting a knife to Ashgar’s throat, the two parted on good terms, though Ashgar never told her that he and the rest of the party are also working for the Maarhams.

Scyther was alerted by the sound of scratching on the inn window at night, but found nothing. Tilus awoke in a cold sweat, remembering nothing.

The Surly Fellows were tasked with travelling to Raven’s Reach to investigate an attack by a strange monster. They arrived and were greeted by the outpost’s captain’s wife, Ilina. She directed them to a survivor of the attack, Gregory. He was seriously injured and appeared crazed. The party got little information from him but soon discovered a metal coin in the wilderness that led them to a man named Buck, an elderly cook for the outpost. He fed them and told them of a legend of a vault nearby that belonged to an ancient king. He also said that he told four men about this vault several days past. Two of those men are now dead and the third is Gregory. The fourth was Bob, who could be found at the outpost’s recreational center/bar.

Bob told the Fellows that he thought he had found the vault and that a large, scaly creature attacked him and the three men with him. He is now deeply haunted by the experience. Many of the people in area seem to be affected in some way by a gloomy aura.

The Fellows prepared to head out for the cave that may hold a king’s treasure… and a horrible beast.



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