The Fellows depart from Aden Maarham’s house within Raam and head for the local tavern. After a few drinks, they are approached by an alarmed Brella She says that the Fellows need to rush to a Maarham manor north of Raam to foil an Urdon-Mor plot to kidnap members of the Maarham family. Apparently Markus sold out the Maarhams before he was killed.

Rushing to the manor, the Fellows find men engaged in combat with dwarves and thri-kreen outside the manor. Believing that the life of the noble Maarham to be more important, they left the outnumbered guards to fend off the attack and headed straight for the house on the hill. Upon entering, the found several dwarves, one with psionic power, and a table-wielding ogre. They saw elves dragging several humans out the back door as combat began.

Partly through the Surly scuffle, two thri-kreen entered behind the Fellows, apparently finished with the guards outside. The battle was tough, but after Tylus struck and felled the ogre with a powerful blast, the Urdon-Mor quickly fell apart.

On the body of the fallen psionic dwarf, Ashgar found a flask that emnated magic and quickly took a swig. He quickly realized that he could now speak and understand Dwarven.

After a quick search of the building, the Fellows rushed after the elves, Scyther followed tracks left by some sort of wagon. The tracks were hard to follow and the party had to struggle to keep up with the elves, but soon spotted a group of elves with a wagon near a cliff-side. The Fellows try to assess the situation from afar, but the intense heat makes it difficult. They see that they’ve been spotted by the elves, who are now preparing for combat. Coming closer, the Fellows see several figures in the wagon, shackled and trapped in a large wooden cage. They see a woman dressed in expensive clothing, as well as several servants. One dwarf sits, apparently crying, in the corner. He looks familiar.



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