Getting to Raam

The party left Draj and set out for Raam. The journey took a week through harsh terrain with little food and water, but the party arrived with a small amount of gold, food and water left to spare. A group of men wearing black cloth around their ankles demanded money from the party. Several of these men were killed, others ran. Once in Raam, the party got a room at an inn.

The next morning, the party went to visit their contact, Markus, at the Muddy Hog. He offered to employ the party to pose as a gang in Raam and carry out orders from the Maarhams. The party accepted and took their first job.

The party was asked to visit a shopkeeper named Wilhelm and force him to uphold his trade agreement with the Maarhams. The party realized that Wilhelm was doing trade with other clans, but was still loyal to house Maarham. They convinced Markus to let Wilhelm continue trading with the other houses, as it was beneficial to their cause. The party was paid for the job and Markus seemed pleased, particularly with Ashgar’s wisdom.

The party took a second job to silence a half-elf named Riley that knows something about a gambling ring affiliated with House Maarham. Riley was last seen at The Gassy Kank, a tavern frequented by mercenaries loyal to Urdon-Mor.

While still at the Muddy Hog, the party asked about Dalbo’s wife and daughter. Markus told the party where they could find “Bangin’ Brella”. Markus also agreed to share any information that he found about Tilus’s family.



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