Ambushes and Assassinations

The party, having slain the beast of the vault, returned to Raven’s Reach. Gregory, the man who survived the attack by the beast, had passed away in madness. Buck gave the group supplies for their return trip to Raam.

Upon returning, the group is ambushed by Urdon-Mor dwarves and several members of the marauders, the gang that first ambushed the party when they entered the city. The Surly Fellows dispatched both groups and showed mercy for the two surviving dwarves who said that they would do any work that the Fellows required. One member of the Marauders escaped.

Upon returning to Markus, the Fellows found him being attacked by a shadowy figure that turned out to be Brella. She explained that Markus was a traitor to the Maarhams and she was there to kill him with direct orders from a Maarham noble. The party allowed her to kill Markus even though he pledged to pay the party and tell Tylus of the whereabouts of his mother.

Brella escorted the fellows to the house of Aden Maarham who agreed to officially employ the Fellows. The party will keep their name, but will be officially associated with the noble house. He intends to use them for covert operations and delicate jobs that his armies are not suited for. He gave the party 1000 bits to supply themselves and to compensate for their trouble thus far.



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